These guys are a pleasure to work with. I met with Patrick, who was very attentive to my concerns and what I needed done. I had 6 trees that needing pruning. He took the time to explain and also guided me on the best approach to take with this project. His team was currently doing work in the area, and he managed to fit me into the schedule for the same day. They worked fast and cleaned up the area after completion. I had a very good experience with this team.

-Andrae R.

Very pleased with the tree removal job I had done. Very tall, thick, leaning pine between my house and the neighbor’s. It was removed in a timely manner without any problems. The crew cleaned up afterward and even took extra brush that we had in the yard from work we had done earlier. The price was quite reasonable for requested job. Once they were finished, the only evidence that we’d had work done was the absent tree. We will be using them again.

-Theamarie M.

Recently, I had a very large oak tree that was blown over by the recent remnant of hurricane Zeta. The tree was caught by another small oak which was bent quite a bit under the weight of the large oak. Robert was quick to respond with an estimate and sent Luis and crew out several days later. They were amazing. Within 3 hours, they had the tree down, carted off, and the grounds cleaned as though they had never been there. To put this in context: I received 4 other estimates from reputable tree companies and all of them were worried about doing this dangerous job. I would give these guys 10 stars if I could.

-Marc S.

Robert showed up promptly for his appointment with us. Likewise, his crew arrived on-site bright and early to prep the area in advance, so they could start cutting down trees promptly. Robert has a very detailed work-order and receipt that are emailed in a clean Adobe (.pdf). For the most part, he will price match with competitors in the area. They removed debris from behind our fence-line out in the woods, where previous tree services had dumped their limbs for decay, but RC Pro Solutions vastly exceeded my expectations in how thoroughly they removed the debris. I didn’t initially realize the stump grinder and hall-away logging truck were sub-contracted. This wasn’t a deal breaker, since the stump grinder did go very deep into the ground with very large stumps in very little time. The logging company was also very prompt and early in the morning and had all of the logs quickly loaded and were departing by the time the logging truck was exiting our subdivision. If you have many pine trees, where the bark falls off the trunk in large sheets, it’ll be necessary to prearrange for RC Pro Solutions to arrive with the logging truck to clear debris from the roadway, so motorists will be able to pass. The logging company only hauls the debris and won’t clear the roadways off from any sheets of bark that fall off. My neighbors and I both used RC Pro Solutions the same day. In all, we produced three dump truck loads on the front lawn. Once the cleanup started, they used their front-loader to transport the massive dump truck wood chip piles to my back yard and woods, where they evenly spread it out over the areas where mud or dirt was exposed. I probably have the best looking woods in the subdivision, since it appears as though I bought 2,000 bags of cypress mulch from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

-Daniel S.

They did a great job. Extremely fast and did everything they said they would do. Made no mess when the tree was cut and with the stump grinding. Hauled everything off.

-Blake C.

Very professional. Robert provided very good advice. We had to remove several trees (~20), removed the stumps, and planted new ones. The team executed the work very well.


I had to have some trees removed and started looking for a reliable service. I looked at many reviews and found RC Pro Solutions. I am very happy I did. They went above and beyond. Great company and employees. I would recommend them to anyone.

-Dick L.

The RC Pro Solutions workers were very professional, on task, and the family was very pleased with their skills on the removal of trees.

-Roosevelt W.

Robert was very professional and worked with us through every step. His work was more than we expected, and he left things better than when they started.

-Scott W.

Robert and team completed the work on time and with great customer service. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

-Mustafa N.

My husband and I had a great experience working with Robert and his team. We requested a quote on Monday morning, thinking it would take serval days to get someone out to home, but to our surprise, someone came out that afternoon. We were given a fair and honest price for a couple of different options. Later that week, the team was out trimming our trees. They were all professional, worked quickly and safely, and they left our yard in a better condition than what they found it in. We were very impressed by this company and cannot say enough nice things about it.

-Amber V.

They did a great job. Our trees were close to the house and their precision to take them down was fantastic. They were quick, professional, and cleaned up after they were done. They even moved any decorations or items to work and replaced when the job was complete. I would definitely recommend RC Pro Solutions.

-Toni L.

This is the second time I used this company. They offered a very competitive price and scheduled the work the week after. They arrived on time and removed more than 10 trees in my backyard. They also spread the wood chips in my front yard on my request. The crew were very professional, polite, and considerate. Their work is clean and complete. I will definitely recommend them and will use them again. Truly well done!

-H L.

Everything they said they would do was completed in a quick, safe, and timely manner. I had a dead tree in a precarious position, and their technicians took care of it with no issues. They discussed the best way to approach the problem and dispatched the problem tree safely and quickly. Excellent clean up afterwards as well! Very happy customer!

-M H.

Luis and his team responded quickly when I had a tree leaning toward my house. They answered the phone at 7 pm on a Saturday evening and were out first thing on Sunday morning to take a look and give a quote. Their price was reasonable, and I had them take out a second tree while they were on site. They did the work very quickly and were friendly and courteous. Awesome service, great crew, and reasonable price–I will definitely recommend them to others and use them again.

-Tom R.

Great service! Robert came out for an estimate and got 7 dangerous trees removed within 24 hours! Great price and thorough work. Very knowledgeable about what they do.

-Tanya K.

I cannot find the right word for working with RC Pro Solutions and Robert (the owner). I think the closest word is “fantastic.” Robert dealt with more than 10 trees in my backyard, and after that, he did grading/leveling drainage and sodding for a price that was almost half of the best offer I got. I strongly recommend RC Pro Solutions and Robert.

-Oguz A.

Great service from Robert and his team! He was out to complete the quote within 24 hours and the job was performed sooner than promised. Robert communicated the day prior to the job to notify me they would be starting. Also, the guys doing the job completed the job as requested and weren’t bothered when I would request one or two additional limbs be trimmed.

-Will S.

The owner of the business was super nice. He came out and gave us our estimate. The next day, he and his team came in and got A LOT done and only took 2 days to do the work. Very professional and very friendly.

-Bailey L.

These guys are great. They were in the neighborhood and took care of some large limbs from oak and chestnut trees that were hanging over our house. The team cut down a dead dogwood tree while they were at it. Great job cleaning up and removed a few piles of fallen branches and yard debris as well. I’d recommend them for any tree trimming or removal needs.

-Richard M.

These guys are really great to work with. They just cut down about 15 trees from our property. We had some really big and tall pines trees really close to our house, and they had no problem getting them down while keeping our home intact. They also made sure to clean up afterwards. They are prompt and courteous and have some of the best pricing around. We would definitely use them again.

-Adrianne P.

I had a couple of trees that desperately needed to be taken down before they came down and did damage to my home, or worse, my neighbor’s home. They scheduled me quickly, cut up the wood and stacked it at the bottom of my yard next to my fire pit and left me lots of mulch, as I requested, for my use. The crew was polite, did excellent work, had safe working standards, and all at a wonderful price! I recommend them for any tree work you need done, especially as one of my trees was a tall, skinny one that was a bit of a challenge, and they handled it like pros!

-Gypsy W.

Robert and his group of employees are awesome! I had already gotten in over my head with cutting trees down. Ended up having Robert and his crew come in and remove 9 trees, stump grind, and remove the mess I made when I was cutting them down. They did an amazing job quickly and an amazing job with cleaning all the debris up. I would highly recommend! Will be using them again in the near future.

-Robby A.

I hired this company to remove 30+ huge trees from my property. It was a 3-4 day job. They had to remove several sections of our fence and temporarily fill in areas of our yard to get equipment in and out. We have been getting quotes over the last few years to find a company brave enough to tackle our very inaccessible property. We had large, mature pine trees removed, many just a foot or more from the side of our house and some growing through our deck. Robert gave us a very competitive quote along with a plan as to how they would safely remove these trees without causing damage to the house or our very important drainage ditches, which carry loads of water every time it rains to our pond. They nailed it. The team was meticulous in everything they did. Communication was impeccable. And they cleaned up at the end of every day just to come back bright and early and keep working. Our yard, which was a wooded, ivy-covered danger zone of huge falling branches, is now a clean, clear, mulch-covered safe area for our kids to roam. They properly cleared our drainage ditches and regraded the yard at the end. Now, we don’t have to worry about branches randomly falling while our kids play outside, or trees hitting our home every time a storm rolls in. Thank you, RC Pro Solutions!

-Savannah C.

Robert & his team did an excellent job removing several trees from our property recently. We had a large dead oak in the front and several dead pine trees in the back that needed to come down for safety. They extracted all of them without issue despite some of the trees leaning in precarious directions toward houses or being very close to our house or fence. While on site already with their equipment and crew, they offered to clear the back yard of brush and the many smaller trees that prevented us from utilizing the yard or even mowing it properly. We agreed on a price, and they worked over the course of two days to take down and chip or remove at least 20 trees in all. We would use their services again and highly recommend them. The difference in the backyard is night and day.

-Bryan G.

Very responsive and communicative. Pricing was great, too. We hired them to fill a sink hole in our yard and then put zoysia in, and it is growing quickly and smoothly. Thank you, Robert, for such great service. We will be using you for any future tree/yard needs.

-Felicia W.

RC Pro Solutions took out a very large yellow poplar that was beginning to split and threaten my house. They also trimmed another poplar and an oak that over-hung my house and were causing leaves and water to build-up in gutters and on the roof. The work was performed quickly, the clean-up was MUCH better than anything I could have done, and everything was hauled away. I will definitely call them to do additional work in September.

-Chuck M.

Nice crew. Professional. Cleaned up both days after taking down a tremendous amount of trees and limbs. Very impressed with their work and the follow-up contact.

-Victoria M.

Can’t say enough good things about our experience and the company. Our neighbor was getting a tree between our houses cut, and we asked for the company’s contact info a day before they were about to come to see if they could cut a tree for us as well while they were out. They responded quickly, and when they came out the next day, they confirmed they would be able to cut the tree. We asked for some additional work of trimming some trees that had branches looming over our house on the other side, and they were able to get it done as well. Their pricing seems very fair in comparison to what other companies would charge. For one very tall oak tree to be cut, we paid $1200. Alex and his crew, they worked with another company, were able to safely cut, remove and do some trimming for us, along with blowing away saw dust upon completion of the work. I’d highly recommend them and use them again. We got $100 off our tree service total due to a discount we came upon on their website that offered that price on services $600+.

-Sam K.